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    Restaurants Directory SMOQE Discover the flavoursome joy of SMOQE. Hand-made artisan food with a subtly smoked BBQ flavour - comfort food at its best. Read more Call Email Social Website ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS HERE! Your directory listing is included on this site when you take a display ad in the magazine (starting from £24 for a single edition or £245 for a year – other sizes available). Call or email . Click for the media pack with all prices and sizes. 07510 298499 here Read more Call Email Social Website

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    It’s The Biz is a free, monthly community magazine for Rochester, in print and online. Coming soon to Strood! Featuring local stories, lifestyle features, community listings and articles, local services, horoscopes, puzzles and occasional prize competitions. SUPERMODEL! READ THE MAG GET IN TOUCH OUT NOW COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES READ FEATURES LOCAL SERVICES November’s has been printed by Barkers Litho in Rochester and is being distributed now. The lockdown will mean pick-up copies are available at fewer places (Rochester Station, Rochester Coffee, Smoqe); let's hope normal service can be resumed next month. It’s The Biz Inside this month: Christmas shopping ideas from local businesses taking online orders; an update on Rochester Riverside; coverage of Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind exhibition at Rochester Art Gallery; Q&A with Angela Scanlon on plus the usual community coverage and regular features. The Noughties, ​ Look out for a copy coming through your door, or click the cover above to read the online version. You can also subscribe to the printed magazine . If your street is missed from delivery, please email and we'll try and get you on next month’s delivery round. here Copy deadline for December issue is 27 November. To advertise your business (from just £24) or promote your non-profit activities (free), call 07510 298499 fill in the form on this page or email ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS PROMOTE COMMUNITY ACTIVITY Could your premises be a pick-up point for the magazine, for your customers to browse or take away? If you have space please email

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    A community magazine for Rochester – and coming soon to Strood It’s The Biz is a full colour, A5, printed community magazine for Rochester, distributed free to a growing number of residential and business addresses. The aim of the magazine is to promote local business and community activities, via a lively and colourful publication which we hope local people enjoy browsing through. Commercial business activities are advertised at highly competitive rates and we specialise in promotional features which give the subject more space and context. Non-profit community groups appear for free, listed in categories and featured in articles. The magazine also contains general feature articles and lifestyle items. BUSINESS ADVERTISING COMMUNITY PROMOTION ONLINE EDITIONS PICK ME UP ​ The magazine is reaching a growing number of addresses with each edition; we aim to cover all of ME1 eventually – and beyond! – but if you don't receive one there are alternatives. Copies of the magazine are usually available at pick-up points around the town (this has been more challenging due to the pandemic) such as the railway station. If you run a premises and have room to stock some copies, please email . You can subscribe to receive printed copies in the post . You can also read the online editions . here here AFFORDABLE ADVERTISING WITH PERSONALITY ​ It's The Biz strives to be different from other free ad magazines. The ratio of advertising is lower, as is the cost. We want to make every ad a “story” – where possible – by including additional information and photos about the services, products and the people behind them. Every advertiser also appears in the directory, in print and on this site. ​ Advertising is more effective when it appears regularly, so there are discounts of 5% for three editions, 10% for six and 15% for a year. Prices start at £24 for an advert in a single edition for one month, or £46 to appear in both Strood and Rochester editions for one month. See the for all sizes, options and prices. media pack MEDIA PACK ENQUIRY READTHE ONLINE EDITION! ​ It's The Biz Magazine – Issue 2 It's The Biz Magazine – Issue 3 It's The Biz Magazine – Issue 4 It's The Biz Magazine – Issue 5 It’s The Biz | Rochester | Issue 6 ​ SUBSCRIBE TO THE PRINTED MAGAZINE Click below to buy a single copy or subscribe to every edition with a recurring payment. Cost covers postage, admin and PayPal fee. Charities, clubs and other non-profit groups appear in It’s The Biz for free. If you represent such an organisation, submit an article about your activities or promote an upcoming event. Email So far the magazine has covered: ​ • Coram Beanstalk • Walking Workout With A Difference • Parkwood Camera Club • Wolf's Head & Vixen Morris Side • Self Esteem Team • Medway Mindfulness • 5th Medway Beaver Scouts • Just Add A Picnic • The Big Sing • Parkinson’s UK in Medway • The Hygiene Bank • Motor Neurone Disease - Mid Kent • Kent Goddesses • Medway Asthma Self-Help (MASH) Friends of Broomhill Medway Foodbank ​ Please get in touch to add yours to future editions. ENQUIRY Copy deadline for December edition is 27 December CONTACT Get in touch via email: Or by phone: 07510 298499 You can also use one of the forms on . this page ​ LET'S GET SOCIAL It's The Biz is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @ItsTheBizMedway Here's pounding the streets of Rochester delivering issue 6! Kent Leaflet Distribution

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    Business Directory ​ To list your business in the classified section, please click here G I J M N O Q S U V X Y Z A B C D E F H K L P R T W A Arts & Crafts ​ B Beauty Books & Magazines ​ C Cafés Caravan Sales Cladding Coaching & Development Curtains & Blinds ​ D Dressmaking ​ E Education Estate Agents Event Services ​ F Face Painting Fashion Floristry Food Delivery Fostering ​ H Health & Fitness Hearing Loss ​ K Kitchens & Bathrooms ​ L Leaflet Distribution ​ P Performing Arts Pet Services Pest Control Photography Plumbing & Heating Printers Promotions Property Maintenance ​ R Reflexology Restaurants Roofing ​ T Travel Agents ​ W Waste Clearance Windows & Doors

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    Windows & Doors Directory CLEAR VIEW ​ Windows, doors, glass. ​ A friendly, family-run business in the heart of Kent for all your home improvement needs. ​ 0800 448 0274 Read more Call Email Social Website ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS HERE! Your directory listing is included on this site when you take a display ad in the magazine (starting from £24 for a single edition or £245 for a year – other sizes available). Call or email . Click for the media pack with all prices and sizes. 07510 298499 here Read more Call Email Social Website

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    Printers Directory BARKERS LITHO Complete print solutions: digital, litho and large format. ​ Printers of It's The Biz magazine! ​ Read more Call Email Social Website PRINTINCOMPANY Providing a huge range of large and small format printing including roller banner printing to suit all of your printing requirements. Read more Call Email Social Website ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS HERE! Your directory listing is included on this site when you take a display ad in the magazine (starting from £24 for a single edition or £245 for a year – other sizes available). Call or email . Click for the media pack with all prices and sizes. 07510 298499 here Read more Call Email Social Website

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    LOCAL STORIES Haunted Rochester Directory The historic city of Rochester has more than its fair share of ghostly legends – it's thought to harbour more than 40 in various locations! Here are just a few… Halloween originated in Celtic times; when the pre-Christian calendar was determined by growing seasons. The festival of Samhain marked the end of summer and the harvest and the start of cold, dark wintry months. Samhain symbolised the boundary between living and dead and the Celts believed that 31 October marked a crossover where ghosts of the dead would revisit the living. Christianity arrived in Britain with its own festivals, among them being “All Hallows’ Day”– remembering those who had died for their beliefs. In the 8th century, Pope Gregory moved All Hallows’ feast to 1 November, perhaps attempting to replace the Celtic Samhain festival of the dead with a related but church approved celebration. Samhain therefore became known as All-hallows-even then Hallow Eve, still later Hallowe’en and then of course Halloween. A special time of the year when many believe that the spirit world can make contact with the physical world, a night when magic is at its most potent. Rochester is thought to harbour over forty ghosts in shops, private houses, churches and pubs. Here are just a few of the legends – why not investigate and see if any show themselves to you! ​ ​ THE BRICKED-UP MONK ​ The Coopers Arms in St Margaret’s Street is Kent’s oldest pub, opening its doors in 1543. The building itself dates back to 1199, when it was part of St Andrew’s Priory. It’s said that every November, a ghostly monk emerges from a wall of the bar; an apparition in cowl and habit, haunting the pub in the dead of night. He would have been a member of the Brethren of Coopers, who for centuries made ales and wines at the Priory, until they abandoned it in 1539. His crimes are unknown, but he must have committed some unforgivable sin, because he was walled up and left to die. Should you find yourself in the Cooper’s, and your drink is pushed to the floor by some invisible force, it may be the monk protesting his grisly fate from centuries ago… ​ ​ THE WOMAN IN WHITE ​ Rochester Castle is said to be visited by a ghostly apparition resembling a woman dressed in white. It seems to be quite a common sighting among global ghostly goings-on, but Rochester’s story has a historical context based around the siege of 1264, when Earl Simon de Montfort and barons rebelled against the King Henry III. Fighting in de Montfort’s army was Gilbert de Clare, a knight previously rejected by Lady Blanche de Warrene, resident inside the castle with her fiancé, Sir Ralph de Capo. The siege was cut short when news came that the King’s forces were approaching. Sir Ralph left the castle in pursuit of de Montfort and his rebels, all observed from the battlements by Lady Blanche. She looked on as her fiancé appeared to return, only to be revealed as Gilbert de Clare, who, having disguised himself as Sir Ralph, was able to gain entry to the castle, whereupon he climbed the ramparts and seized Lady Blanche, still hopeful of gaining her affection. Observing this from the fight with the rebels, Sir Ralph fired an arrow in an attempt to halt de Clare’s unwanted advances, only for it to glance from the target’s armour and instead kill Blanche. Her ghostly white form has walked the battlements ever since, forever surveying the bloody battle below… ​ ​ GHOSTLY WRITER ​ Some claim that the ghost of Charles Dickens has been seen haunting the High Street. The writer had expressed a wish to be buried in Rochester, Cobham or Shorne. No graveyards were available and so plans were made for a burial in Rochester Cathedral. However, his place of rest came to be Westminster Abbey, where, according to The Times in 1870 “the most illustrious Englishmen are laid”. Could his thwarted wishes have led to this spectral High Street lingering? Or is it just a Dickens enthusiast in a particularly convincing costume…?

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    SEND YOUR STORY The best views in Medway Haunted Rochester Explore & Draw Your stars for November Go Missing the office? Wedding planning tips Rochester Cathedral bells

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