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August 2020

Ooh hello you clicked on my blog…welcome to my world!

It’s been a busy few months since lockdown started to ease. Here’s the backstory: I started this crazy enterprise last year, but found myself employed for six months at an ad agency in St Pancras (fancy!). This put ITB (It’s The Biz; won’t tell you again) on hold somewhat, and when I was eventually free to once more devote my time, the pandemic had weaved its nasty tentacles (OK so viruses don’t actually have tentacles – do they?) through the world and that rather put paid to any publishing activity from yours truly.

By the end of June, when things had started to re-open, I decided to press on with my third edition, with new material replacing an item on the local comedy circuit which sadly had to be dropped for obvious reasons. I then proceeded with another issue for September, which as I write is back from the printers and being distributed around ME1. I have been encouraged by the response to these two magazines, and for the fourth one I managed to secure the largest amount of paying advertising so far, which has spurred me to crack on with a the fifth edition for October – and that makes It's The Biz a monthly release!

So I’d like to welcome and thank those new supporters:

Milkin’ Medway

Medway Premier Homes

In Safe Paws

Belle Décor

Authentic Thai

Paramedic Chris

Kent Roofing Services

Yoga Flow with Leah

The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan

Magical Fairy Scents

C & L External

And of course loyal advertisers continuing their presence in the magazine:

SOS Entertainment

Bees Knees Plumbing

Private Sale Caravans

Needless to say, without this support, it would be impossible to pay for the printing and distribution of the magazine, but with the inclusion of all these lovely people, I have been able to distribute 4,000 copies of a 32 page publication – the biggest so far. There's still a way to go before I can reach all of the almost 15,000 residential and commercial addresses in the ME1 postcode alone. But my intention is to continue incremental growth until greater coverage is achieved.

Further thanks thanks must go to all the other contributers who have enabled me to put together what I hope is an interesting read – and in putting it together I find that I always learn new things. Broomhill Park is 85 metres above se level. This year marks 100 years since US Prohibition came into effect. Medway Foodbank have supported 6,500 people already this year alone. And a red pepper contains more vitamin C than an orange!

I am also grateful to those premises who have agreed to “stock” a few copies: Rochester Library, Coop Riverside, Rochester and Strood Stations, Kaya Barbers 3 and Legends Café. I do hope to increase this coverage as a more efficient way of distribution – after all it's impossible to know what the recipients of door to door deliveries think about this unsolicited post and what they do with it when it’s in their possession. I have tried to make the magazine as attractive as possible with a high quality feel – I’d be quite upset if any of them were reaching the recycling bin without at least a flick through. My ambition is to be better than the other titles of this kind, in design, style, content and personality.

Thanks for reading the first blog I've ever written. There’s a first time for everything.

Until next time, stay alert and safe.

Neil x

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